macOS Printing to an Unsupported Windows Printer

I have an old Canon MF5650 printer connected to a Windows Server 2016 as a network printer. It was already a challenge to find a working x64 Windows driver, let alone a driver for macOS.

Fortunately, macOS supports printing to PDF file natively, and copying that PDF file to a Windows computer and printing it from there can be automated.
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How to reset machine password without re-joining computer to a domain

Every computer joined to an Active Directory domain has its own special account in AD, meaning each computer actually has a “username” and a password of its own. The username is the computer name followed by a dollar sign ($). The password is automatically negotiated between computer and domain controller when you join the computer to AD and is renegotiated on a periodic basis thereafter. This password is called machine password.

For this or other reason, sometimes one needs to revert a member computer (or an AD) to a previous state in time. If computer and AD changed machine password meanwhile, and you restored only one of them to the state before that, passwords are out of sync. Users can no longer log in on that computer.
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A wxWidgets dialog in a DLL plugin

One of my recent projects was a DLL plugin for another software. I decided to implement plugin’s configuration dialog in wxWidgets.

The plugin functions showing user interface usually get the HWND of the host window, so the plugin window can act as a child of the host window.

Though the task seemed simple and straightforward in the beginning, it turned out to comprise of many different problems to solve, before I got it working as it should.
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QR Generator for Internet Explorer

Each time while browsing the web I came along a phone number I’d like to call, I had to type it on my phone number-by-number carefully.
Therefore, I went for a search to find a working IE Search Provider (Accelerator) for generating QR codes to no avail.
So, I’ve decided to put together useful pieces I did found, and make my own.
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