Apple Magic Keyboard on Windows

Booting into Windows on a Mac, be it Bootcamp or Parallel Desktops, Apple did provide a driver for the Apple Magic Keyboard to make this ridiculously expensive keyboard work on Windows.

Unfortunately, Microsoft nor Apple provide a Slovenian keyboard layout for this keyboard, and it is quite different from the standard Slovenian QWERTZ PC one.

Mismatched keyboard layout you use results in some characters sent to applications being different as painted on the keyboard keys.

It’s not about learning how to type without looking down at your keyboard. It’s about the same physical keyboard producing same characters when switching between macOS and Windows. When your fingers touch the keyboard, the brain somehow knows which keyboard it is and what keystroke should result in what character. As long as the same physical keyboard really has a consistent layout regardless the OS it is being used with.

Fortunately, Microsoft provided a utility to create own keyboard layout and compile an installer for mass deployment. After playing with it for a while, I ended up with this.

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