µVentµVent, or Micro Vent, is a spare time science project run by myself and Mr Janko Jazbec.

Simply put, it is a thermostat controlled fan to ventilate the interior of a room. Its job is to ventilate the room when outside temperature is favourable.

In detail, it is an ARM microcontroller operated, self-learning, self-diagnostics, web interfaced, e-mail reporting, super-duper fan controller taking two years to complete.

Test drive

Check out our demo device, to see µVent in action:


  • Automatic mode detects winter/mid/summer condition and adapts ventilation logic to keep interior as cool or as warm as possible.
    If you want to play with the toy, you can always put it to manual.
  • A simple and intuitive web based user interface provides an insight about environmental and operational information on the go. It allows you to fully monitor and configure the device in a safe password-protected manner using your smart phone or any web browser around the world. Available in English, German, Slovenian…
  • Keep your mind free from worries and focused on more important things in life. E-mail notification is sent if your intervention is required. Or once every ten days, to rest you assured everything is OK.
  • Low power consumption makes this device efficient and environment friendly.
  • Are you a developer building a smart-home or looking to mass deploy units able to monitor the environment and/or operate remote devices according to environmental situation? This is the right place for you. You can control any number of µVent devices from your application using a built-in web service API.
  • Customization of µVent device is possible for volume orders. Adding different sensors, controlling various other devices apart from a fan… Satisfaction comes in different flavours. We can make one just for you!

Please, e-mail your inquiries to janko@jazbec.org.


  • AC 230V
  • Ethernet with DHCP server, SMTP server optional

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