How to copy physical drive to VHD file

I am going to describe two possible methods to copy an entire physical disk drive to a Microsoft Virtual Hard Drive VHD file using Symantec Ghost. The method to choose depends whether you may remove source physical drive and plug it in another computer for the purpose of copying, or not.
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How to convert GHO to VHD file

I am going to describe a quick way to convert Symantec’s Ghost GHO file to Microsoft Virtual Hard Drive VHD file. The process will not require a setup of a virtual machine. You’ll need:

  • The VHDMount utility, which is distributed as a part of Microsoft Virtual Server but can be installed seperately.
  • The GHOST32 utility, which is a part of Symantec Ghost installation.

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Slovenian translation of WordPress

… Actually one of the main reasons, why I switched from Slovenian to English language on my website, is, I lost interest in translating new versions of WordPress, as they were published too often.

An upgrade to a new version usually took me a couple of days to translate. On the other hand I couldn’t afford having an outdated version of WordPress with all the vulnerabilities discovered.

For all those, still persisting in Slovenian WordPress, I suggest, you try finding a most suitable translation at WordPress’s website. As probably you already did, since the last version I translated was 2.2.1 in June 2007.


Welcome to my renewed website. This site shall be in English from now on, since I intend to provide globally useful posts related to my work here.