AD Authentication Failure after Reverting to Previous Snapshot

A successful configuration of Samba and Winbind allowing users to login to a Linux virtual computer using ones Active Directory credentials might stop working after a few weeks. If the virtual computer was reverted to previous snapshot between machine password changes in AD, the AD controllers will not let the computer authenticate again due to machine password mismatch.
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Computing Block-wise Cross Correlation

The cross correlation of two vectors using discrete Fourier transform (DFT) is a popular method of searching the occurrences of one pattern inside another. It provides simple mean to detect echoes, specific patterns inside digital signals, signal comparison etc.

In some applications, one of the input vectors (signals) is much longer than another, or even of infinite length. For example: searching a transmitted signal’s echo in the received input stream in radar or sonar, or detecting an RDS signal inside a continuous radio transmission. In such applications one must compute the cross correlation of searched pattern and input stream in a block-by-block manner.

In this article I shall present a short MATLAB template to compute a block-wise cross correlation appropriate for searching a specific pattern vector inside a continuous input vector of indefinite size. Furthermore, I shall extend the algorithm to search for more pattern vectors simultaneously.
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Computing DFT of real signals in MATLAB

The discrete Fourier transform (DFT) calculates a spectrum of a complex input vector. However, the input vector is usually real, representing a sampled real signal. For real vectors (the imaginary part of all vector components is zero) the upper half of the resulting DFT spectrum is a conjugate mirror of the lower half. Could therefore the computation of the DFT of the real vectors be made with almost half the effort? Fortunately, yes [1]!

Since MATLAB does not provide a function for computation of DFT spectra of real signals out of the box, I developed my own to save time and space in my computations.
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How to install VMware Tools on Linux

VMware Tools is a set of drivers and utilities to make a virtual computer perform better and faster inside a virtual hosted environment. It makes a virtual computer aware of its host at least to some degree.

Once I managed to install the VMware Tools on a Linux based virtual computer properly, I have decided to write it down for good.
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