How to convert GHO to VHD file

I am going to describe a quick way to convert Symantec’s Ghost GHO file to Microsoft Virtual Hard Drive VHD file. The process will not require a setup of a virtual machine. You’ll need:

  • The VHDMount utility, which is distributed as a part of Microsoft Virtual Server but can be installed seperately.
  • The GHOST32 utility, which is a part of Symantec Ghost installation.

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Slovenian translation of WordPress

… Actually one of the main reasons, why I switched from Slovenian to English language on my website, is, I lost interest in translating new versions of WordPress, as they were published too often.

An upgrade to a new version usually took me a couple of days to translate. On the other hand I couldn’t afford having an outdated version of WordPress with all the vulnerabilities discovered.

For all those, still persisting in Slovenian WordPress, I suggest, you try finding a most suitable translation at WordPress’s website. As probably you already did, since the last version I translated was 2.2.1 in June 2007.